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1 AprilFFII to form offensive patent pool against IBM, Microsoft, Philips and SAP


24 SeptemberEPO software patents continue despite the european parliament vote
14 JuneFFII condemns investor-to-state arbitration in trade talks with US
18 AprilGerman Bundestag challenges European software patenting
27 Marchtaz.die tageszeitung receives Document Freedom Germany Award
18 MarchCivil society organisations say no to intellectual property in EU - US trade agreement
20 FebruaryMinisters signed Unitary Patent Court agreement
31 JanuaryCETA threatens Internet, health and democracy
15 JanuaryAmazon one-click patent still lingering in Europe after 15 years
14 JanuaryFFII still challenges Amazon one-click gift order patent


21 NovemberUnitary Patent: Council asks Parliament to sign its deathcertificate in patent law
13 NovemberFFII letter to European Court of Justice on ACTA
23 JulyEuropean Commission net neutrality consultation excludes TOR users
28 JuneACTA endangers innovation and fundamental rights
27 AprilEU patent plans are a fuel for patent trolls, says British Telecom
1 AprilEU Patent Court will be located in Sealand, ministers say
28 March1&1 Internet AG receives German Document Freedom Award
17 FebruaryEuroParliament to exclude Free Software with patents and FRAND
10 FebruaryEuropean Standardisation Reform lowers the bar
26 JanuaryPoland is not lost - could challenge ACTA at the ECJ
23 JanuaryEP legal service consistently overlooks known issues with ACTA


9 NovemberFFII objects to secret European Parliament meeting on ACTA
14 OctoberFFII urges EP Civil Liberties Committee to formulate opinion on ACTA
24 MayFFII calls upon European Parliament to resolve uncertainties regarding ACTA
18 AprilCommissioner Malmström delays revocation of EU data retention directive
14 AprilShare your operating system bundling tales with the EU
31 MarchFFII recommends EU to remove barriers for startups
30 awarded for the use of Open Standards
25 MarchPatent wars on - Microsoft sues Android retailers
21 MarchEuropean Parliament wants to make software producers liable for defects
11 MarchFFII supports asking an ECJ opinion on ACTA
8 FebruaryEU study advocates a European Criminal Court
19 JanuaryOpen Letter to MEPs on Unitary Patent as Enhanced Cooperation
5 JanuaryFFII requests proof ACTA's criminal measures are essential


16 DecemberEU interoperability enforcement attempts to catch up with Asia
18 NovemberIndia shows the way for European Interoperability Framework 2.0
11 NovemberACTA criminalises ordinary companies and individuals
25 OctoberACTA goes beyond present EU laws
6 OctoberEU still pushing for punitive measures against patent infringements in ACTA
5 OctoberBelgian EU Presidency wrong about software patents pushing for their validation
21 SeptemberEuropean Parliament wants Open Document exchange format for electronic business
17 SeptemberInternet Governance Forum a beacon of openness
15 SeptemberWhen the Camembert tops democratic governance
12 SeptemberFFII advocates liberating public sector information to tackle the crisis
27 JulyCitizens have a clear interest in being informed about ACTA EU Ombudsman concludes
29 JuneBilski_-_Narrow_Bilski_ruling_leaves_all options_open_for_the_future
15 JuneEuroparl - Open internet essential for European homeland security
4 JuneACTA may hamper fight against climate change
31 MayiPad for the European Parliament displays interoperability and security carelessness
27 MayStill no 'safe harbour' in sight for wireless technologies in Europe
20 MayNeelie Kroes' Digital Agenda is 'carrot without stick'
19 MayFFII welcomes Google's move to open VP8 video format
13 MayBrimelow Referral on software patents dismissed: "time for the legislator to take over"
16 AprilEU patent system taken away from European Court of Justice
8 AprilACTA will undermine European Parliament's power in IP matters
6 AprilFFII contributes to European Interoperability Strategy process
31 MarchDocument Freedom Day 2010
8 JanuaryFFII calls to remove IP chapter from EU-Korea free trade agreement


6 NovemberFFII files 10 recommendations on leaked EIF 2.0 draft
6 OctoberFFII and IP Justice file Bilski Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court
21 SeptemberSecret criminal measures in EU - South Korea trade agreement
12 MayEuropean Commission pushes for software patents via a trusted court
8 MaySoftware patents plot buried under amicus avalanche
2 AprilEU Council may pass ACTA silently during parliamentary recess
1 AprilFFII and EPO announce "Binaries-As-Prior-Art"
17 MarchEPO seeks to validate software patents without the European Parliament
13 JanuaryEU Council deliberately obstructs access to ACTA documents


12 DecemberPetition demands effective ban of software patents in Europe
1 DecemberFFII TIO Workgroup Releases Guidelines to Protect Freedom and Competition in the Cloud
10 NovemberEU Council refuses to release secret ACTA documents
3 NovemberFFII opposes stealth legislation, demands ACTA documents
2 SeptemberSeptember 24 Is World Day Against Software Patents
4 JulyEuropean Parliament rushes towards Soviet Internet
21 MayFFII calls for Open Standards adoption in E-government
13 MayMcCreevy wants to legalise Software Patents via a US-EU patent treaty
7 AprilCommission withholds key study on criminal measures from European Parliament
2 AprilISO captured by vendor Microsoft
19 FebruaryEP Rapporteur wants to crack down on internet users


11 DecemberAmazon patent fully revoked: skirmish victory for FFII
22 OctoberEU tells open source to start paying MS patent tax
17 OctoberEconomist Critic of Software Patents gets Nobel Prize
1 OctoberFrance confirms its position against EPLA
1 OctoberFFII awards Microsoft "Best Campaigner against OOXML Standardization" prize
17 SeptemberMicrosoft will trump EU competition ruling with patents
5 SeptemberOOXML fails to get approval, but ISO process continues
1 AugustSeptember double-strike for interoperability
27 JuneFFII puts up a prize in fight against Microsoft Office standardisation
4 MayInternational speakers assemble to discuss the European Patent System
25 AprilEuropean Parliament Criminalises Businesses, Consumers, Innovators
24 AprilCarte Blanche criminal law a threat to innovation
13 AprilFFII announces major conference on future of European patent system
4 AprilSingle EU patent law good for US giants, bad for small EU firms
19 MarchCriminal Sanctions Rapporteur fails to protect European industry
26 FebruaryZingaretti MEP stops colleagues from criminalising themselves
29 JanuaryFFII opposes Fasttrack adoption of Microsoft OOXML format as ISO standard


18 DecemberEP Member: confused consumers are dealers of stolen goods
14 DecemberEP Civil Liberties committee criminalises business conflicts
11 DecemberFFII President says current patent system not sustainable
29 NovemberPatent industry writes ICT task force report "on behalf of SMEs"
28 NovemberPatents out, business conflicts still criminalised
14 NovemberEupaco Launch
27 OctoberSoftware Industry prepares for key UK patent ruling this Friday
12 OctoberEuropean Parliament turns around EPLA resolution
28 SeptemberIT Industry Association warns MEPs about dangers of proposed European patent courts
21 SeptemberCommission unable to answer MEPs on Patent Litigation Agreement
12 JulyFFII statement given at EU patent policy hearing
10 JulyEPO dogmatic, short-sighted and power-hungry, says European Commission
10 JulyCommission cheats European SMEs in patent consultation
4 JulySME associations call on Commission to fix ICT Task Force weaknesses
3 JulyDutch Parliament says No to European criminal law against IP violations
26 JuneInternet standards process undermined by software patents
24 MayEuropean Commission: EPO Case Law Not Binding - Software Not Patentable
12 MayEU Commission proposes to criminalise European software industry
4 AprilFFII requests and gets consultation extension from EU Commission
22 MarchFFII open letter calls for participation in Community Patent consultation
15 MarchEuropean Parliament rejects mutual patent recognition in the EU
8 MarchCommunity Patent consultation procedure seriously flawed


14 DecemberEU adopts Big Brother directive, ignores industry and civil society
12 DecemberFFII Asks MEPs to reject Big Brother directive
7 DecemberEU law-making process cracking under pressure
5 DecemberEU introducing "Big Brother" anti-privacy law, warns FFII
29 NovemberFFII a force for the future, says new president
8 JulyPatent lobbyists "wasted millions, deny defeat" in EU software patent battle
6 JulyEuropean Parliament says no to software patents
5 JulyLehne, McCreevy, demonstrators with canoes
5 JulyPatent lobby MEPs calling for rejection of the directive
5 JulyCEA-PME calls on MEPs to support 21 cross-party amendments
4 JulySMEs call on European Parliament to protect them from software patents
1 JulyEuropean Parliament tables new software patent amendments for plenary
20 JuneEconomic-Majority supports Rocard JURI amendments
6 JunePatent administrators preempting parliaments in Council
23 MayJune 1st Conference on Patent Policy Making
20 May"SMEs, software, copyright and patents" event co-hosted by the EPO and the FFII on May 24th
28 AprilFFII comments on rapporteur Rocard's software patents report
27 AprilSpanish universities demonstrate against software patents
25 AprilEICTA sends Microsoft to represent SMEs on software patents in EP

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