FFII backs Parliament Written Declaration 12-2010 on ACTA

Berlin, June 15th 2010 -- The European Parliament Written Declaration 12/2010 led by MEPs Françoise Castex, Zuzana Roithová, Alexander Alvaro, Stavros Lambrinidis receives backing from the Foundation of a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), a European group for public education and consumer protection in the digital environment.

The FFII analysed the current Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) draft and found many unintended consequences. For instance, sanctions against unauthorized "file sharing" in the digital environment would also stifle common electronic software distribution methods of operating systems and essential security updates. So far the Commission has not delivered an 'impact assessment' for these potential regulatory side effects.

"The Written Declaration 12/2010 comprises key common sense requirements for a conclusion of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. We encourage our supporters to contact their Members of Parliament and respectfully request them to endorse the Written Declaration 12/2010 in the upcoming Strasbourg session", explains FFII president Benjamin Henrion.

The French digital liberties group "La Quadrature du Net" provides guidance on how citizen constituencies can get in touch with their representatives from the European Parliament. When a majority quorum would be reached the Written Declaration 12/2010 on ACTA becomes an official position of the European Parliament.


Quadrature du Net 12/2010

FFII Analysis on ACTA

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